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Highpay-pool is one of the easiest places to start earning cryptocurrencies. It has everything you need, javascript miner, GPU miner, faucet and exchange. Register an account below:

I stumbled on the website on bitcointalk forum and it was one of the first places where I started with cryptos. Highpay-pool has over 7000 registered users to date, the website is very user friendly and the support is also active. So if you have a a problem or question, you will get an answer soon on the website chat or discord channel.

Leveling Up

You can boost your earnings by leveling up, get more % from webminer or lower withdraw fees on the site. Currently there are 10 levels for an account and more will be implemented in the future.

Javascript miner

The javascript miner allows you to mine crypto with a one click of a button, no need to install anything, how simple is that.. Miner uses your CPU to mine currency of your choice, there is a progress bar that shows when your earnings are credited to your balance. Remember to disable ad-blockers that might prevent the miner from working.

GPU mining

Highpay-pool.com offers very efficient BTC mining option, download the CPU or GPU miner and start earning right away. Mined BTC is credited directly on your account, so you don’t have to wait for high payout thresholds. The miner is actually mining Monero and it is automatically converted to BTC, so it is more profitable to mine without expensive hardwre. Remember to exclude it from your antivirus program, miners usually give false positives as malware.

Download the miner and run it, on first run you have to configure it:

Answer “Y” for simple setup:

Then choose Monero as the currency:

Add pool address:

Configure wallet address and id. Check your username from the GPU mining page, it is in format: SK_sGSJjq2iywWnjkhV8yiTc.XXXX (XXXX = your user id)

Put “x” as password:

No SSL support:

Miner shows your hasrate periodically and you can check it by pressing “h”

Mined earnings are credited to your account as soon as you reach 1 million hashes


The instant exchange feature allows you to swap your crypto to another with a low fee. Just pick crypto to convert from, target crypto and click Exchange.

If you want to avoid high BTC transfer fees from other exchanges, you can deposit DOGE and convert it to BTC.

Earn interest on your balance

If your BTC, LTC or DASH balance is over 0.005 BTC you will automatically earn 0.015% daily interest! If you count the compounding effect it is 5.475% yearly. There is no lock in period, you can withdraw your funds anytime if you want. Currently also DOGE coin is supported and if the balance is over 100, you will earn 0.03% daily interest (10.95% annual).

PTC Ads and Offerwalls

Highpay-pool offers PTC ads that you can watch and earn more BTC or you can create an campaign yourself to promote a website. The minimum price for a PTC campaign is 5000 satoshis for 1000 clicks.

There is also multiple offerwalls where you can stack sats: Bitswall, OfferToro, Lootably and AeytStudios.

You can also register an Freebitco.in account with Highpay-pool’s referral code and get 50% of your daily claims credited back to you!


You can deposit BTC, DOGE, LTC or GRID to your account, there is no fee’s for deposit.


You can withdraw through the exchange feature or directly to your FaucetPay account. FaucetPay withdrawal has only 1% fee and is processed instantly! Remember to link your FaucetPay account in the settings.

After linking, you can withdraw your BTC balance to the linked address:

You can review your recent payouts and their status after withdrawing. Usually they are processed within 24 hours

Referrall program

Highpay-pool has an affiliate program, so you will earn 30% commission on your referrals webminer hashes and 5% from GPU mining. So remember to invite your friends with your referral code!

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