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Ever heard from a infinite game of Proof-of stake? Staking is passive income from Proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies. offers staking pools for many POS cryptocurrencies. This way you don’t have to setup a VPS or keep your computer on for 24/7 to get staking rewards.

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Staking crypto

There are currently 21 different POS coins available for staking on CoinStake. You will start earning stake rewards if you have any balance on your account, the bigger the balance, the bigger the staking rewards. Coinstake takes 3% fee from the rewards, a small price to pay. You can deposit any of available coins or you can start with the free faucet, without any initial investment. Just choose a coin from the dropdown menu, solve captcha and press claim:

You can see your balances from the dashboard and deposit or withdraw from the + and – signs. On the first time you deposit, the system will generate a wallet address for you.

Staking rewards vary based on the block reward and your balance. It has an compounding effect, every stake increases your balance and the next reward size. You can choose to keep accumulating your balance or withdraw and sell your stake rewards on cryptoexchange.

Making profit from staking

Staking and hodling alone will not necessary give you profit, many POS coins price drop over time because of high inflation rate. The key here is to sell half of your stakes every week or month, this way you will be compounding your balance and cashing out profit at the same time. After few months you have earned your initial investment back, then it is free money!

You can see your staking history from the menu and see how much you have staked and calculate the sum to withdraw and sell.


Deposit is simple, choose the coin you want to deposit, copy the address and send your coins to it. Remember to double check your address and coin, you might lose your coins if you send to a wrong address.


You can withdraw your coins from the main page, input amount and receiving address. There is small fee for withdrawal, depending on the coin. After withdrawing you will get an confirmation email. Withdraws are usually processed in 24 hours. The address book helps to maintain your different withdraw addresses.

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