– the bitcoin reward platform site launched on November 2020 and it has over 25000 registered users to date, so its a relatively new site. Site creators also own Fautsy, Claimbits, Starbits and Gobits faucet sites that have been online over four years, so it is trusthworthy. Register account and start earning:


Site has 15 min faucet that gives 1 – 6 sats every 15 minutes, that is one of the best faucets at the moment considering current bitcoin price. There is also a multiplier and lottery games where you can try to increase earnings.

PTC ads

Currently offers ptc ads and surf ads to collect sats, Site is advertising its own faucet sites, I think there will be more campaigns in the future.

You can also create an PTC campaign, starting 0.00003000 BTC for 1000 clicks.

There are also multiple offerwalls where you can earn the site’s own currency CryptoCoins. After accumulating over 100 CryptoCoins, you can exchange them to BTC at the integrated exchange.

Earn interest from shares

You can buy Cryptowin shares on the site and earn 0.7% interest per share daily for 180 day. That sums up to 126% percent profit!

You can start with one share that costs 0.00001000 BTC, so its not a big investment to try out.

Proof of payment

You can verify that is really paying out when users withdraw. Visit link Payments – CryptoWin to see recent payouts

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